Helping to create a different YOU for every young adult who experiences our program

Replacing behaviors that are dysfunctional to functional by teaching Age group 8-18

A Place for kids to feel safe and connected

We have a rigorous curriculum for a one-week stay. Our Camping experience is like no other.  

Playing Basketball
Community Gardening

We have a curriculum that teaches our campers about service to others with an opportunity to help in the community. 

Senior Therapy

We offer nightly bonfires and exciting stories. We also encourage our campers to share parts of their lives with other campers. Our campfires are designed to be therapeutic and transforming.

Healthy Morning

A healthy life starts with proper nutition.  We want our kids to start their day healthy and strong and grow into healthy adults.

Biology Drawing Class

Get Involved

We welcome volunteers to help support all of our programs.  We ask that you join us either with help in managing our campers or with monetary donations.